Red Haven Stables


Enjoy and experience the horse you’ve always wanted

Whether you decide to invest in a yearling or head straight to the track with a claiming partnership, Red Haven Stables creates a family-friendly atmosphere to enjoy the sport of thoroughbred horse racing. Interested in investing? This list of step-by-step directions will help you get started.

  • Step one: Contact Red Haven Stables.
  • Step two: Select partnership—yearling or claiming.
    • Yearling partnerships are formed prior to September horse sales.
    • Claiming partnerships are formed as needed and according to demand.
  • Step three: Determine investment amount—partnerships start at $165 per month, but pricing will accommodate all levels of interest. Each investment is established as an LLC and will receive a K1 to reflect profit or loss.
  • Step four: Investor meet-and-greet and selection process. The owner will host a meeting at Red Haven Stables for investors to discuss the purchase of a horse at public auction, through private sales or through claiming races. Each partnership is limited to 20 shares.
  • Step five: Horse arrives to Red Haven Stables. Partners are encouraged to visit the barn as often as possible to meet the trainer and watch training sessions.
  • Step six: Racing begins, from May to September, and horses are placed where they can be competitive. All expenses and income is divided among all investors based upon percentage of investment. There is no mark up on any costs associated with ownership. Communication and transparency is of upmost importance. All investors will be informed and kept up-to-date on all happenings on a daily basis.

We perceive and treat all horses as members of our extended family. As such, Red Haven Stables donates a percentage of purse earnings to local thoroughbred charities. In addition, all horses still owned by the partnership at the end of their careers are guaranteed proper placement after retirement.

Create memories that last a lifetime

  • Watch yearlings at the farm grow and receive their early training in becoming a racing horse.
  • Witness morning training and workouts for all horses.
  • Talk to and get to know the managing owner.
  • Access the barns at Red Haven Stables and at the track with your family and friends.
  • Stand in the paddock access area prior to races, and discuss the race plan with the jockey.
  • Sit in special seating for the races. Concierge services provided at some tracks.
  • Take your picture with the winning horse at the race finish.
  • Network with other investors and create lasting friendships.

*The professional trainers at Red Haven Stables work their hardest to keep the horses healthy and ready to race; however, there is no winning guarantee.*